The Perfect Location

Whether you are expanding, rationalising, or right-sizing your store network you will always need to know the best location for your format or the best format for your location.

Our retail data suite, spatial and customer analytics software solutions combined with our advanced spatial modeling techniques help you forecast the potential sales of a new location and the impact it will have on your existing network and competitors.

Your Future Network

How many stores will you have in 5 years? Where will they be? Will you implement click and collect, and if you do where will you chose to locate your collection points? An online presence might require dark stores. Where will these need to be located to optimize delivery? How can your online presence support, rather that negatively impact your store network?

Planning the future state of your network, both physical and online, when your customers expect a consistent multi-channel experience is no easy task. Our skills and technology can help you plan when, where and how to roll-out these new customer interaction strategies.

The Right Product in the Right Location

Large, out-of-town, retail warehouses are no-longer the direction for retail. Customers want the right product in a convenient manner. Do you fit the product mix to the local customer base or have a one-size-fits all approach?

Stocking products that don’t fit the local demand is inefficient and can impact on customer experience. Our data and analytics can help define which products sell best to which customer demographic in the appropriate location and format. Don’t be left on the shelf – let us help you improve your buying strategy.

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